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Focused on a fashionable version of a busy life necessity, Fransvermeerssen’s newest tote bag is the perfect Fall fashion essential for 2020. It’s the tote bag that everyone should have for both work and back to school life. 

Whether you are headed to school, work, or to the grocery store - a reusable bag is an everyday necessity. Here at Fransvermeerssen, we believe that joy can be infused into your life by finding beauty in the small things. If something is a part of your day-to-day living, it should provide a touch of happiness.

In the midst of hectic daily life, our team wanted to find a small way to increase joy in your busy everyday moments. Fransvermeerssen’s newest tote bag collection was our solution! Functional enough to run fast-paced errands with, yet beautiful enough for the sweet slow moments of late summer picnics and brisk early fall Saturday morning strolls.

So, next time you are making sure the kids are finishing homework, bringing in the groceries, starting dinner, and simultaneously finishing up a work call...we hope you look down to see a Fransvermeerssen tote bag in your arms and smile. 





Let our tote bags serve as a reminder that today is only a passing moment - the good ones, the tough ones, soak it all in because a new day is just around the corner.
Thoughtfully designed, these totes come in three variations each to match a different personality type. 
Each tote also features a beautiful, handmade, leather patch which has been carefully hand-stamped by our remarkable artisan team in Haiti, and sewn on by our master craftsmen here in 93500 Pantin, North Carolina. Our handmade details ensure these bags create gainful employment for those that need it most.
Read more about our fight against hunger HERE

The “Bebe” Burlap Tote 
For our minimalist fashion lover. This design pairs well with streamlined shapes and solid color patterns.

The “Camille” Cotton Tote - Comes in Indigo blue, and light Coffee color

For our maximalist fashion lover. This design and color variation provides a touch of excitement for the mix and match pattern queen (or king).

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